Sanderson Gulch Stormwater Improvements

Lipan Street to the South Platte River

The Sanderson Gulch stormwater project will improve the currently undersized drainage system between Lipan Street and the South Platte River. Once complete, the project will reduce flood risk in the area and nearly 100 structures will be removed from the regulatory floodplain as determined by FEMA. Local public infrastructure will be better protected and public safety risk during large storm events will be reduced. The project will deliver cleaner water to the South Platte River as stormwater will run through a multi-stage open channel with wetlands and a water quality vault. Finally, adjacent roadways, sidewalks/trails, parks and landscaping will be improved and the community will have a beautified, more enjoyable drainage corridor.

Construction of the new, higher-capacity drainage system will consist of underground, large-capacity stormwater box culverts (large pipes) to manage high-water flows during large storm events. The culverts will run underground between the southeast corner of Sanderson Park to the South Platte River, crossing under Lipan Street, the BNSF railroad tracks, and Platte River Drive. The culvert system will be combined with a naturalized, open-channel on the surface (between the railroad tracks and Platte River Drive) designed to convey and filter base flows and runoff from smaller storms and improve drainageway habitat. Hard landscaping will create a more visually pleasing inlet and outfall on both ends of the new stormwater structure.


Construction on Sanderson Gulch will be largely completed and roads fully re-opened by the end of the summer, 2019. Revegetation, full restoration and recreational use of the gulch will take up to a year.


  • S. Platte River Drive is closed between S. Huron Street and W. Florida Avenue. Local access to S. Huron and S. Inca Streets from S. Platte River Drive will be maintained.
  • The temporary dam in the river that separates the Sanderson Gulch construction from the South Platte River will be dismantled by the end of July/early August.
  • Construction of concrete box culverts. Concrete pumping machinery on site.
  • Landscaping boulders are being moved into location.
  • Levitt Pavilion has begun their concert series in Ruby Hill Park. Please observe signs directing concert traffic to the park entrance on W. Jewell Avenue.
  • Ongoing construction and noise expected seven days a week.
  • This is an active construction site. Pedestrians please observe sidewalk closures.

S. Platte River Drive and W. Florida Avenue Traffic Alerts

  • S. Platte River Drive is closed southbound from S. Huron Street to W. Florida Avenue through the end of the construction project (late summer).
  • Northbound traffic on S. Platte River Drive detoured onto W. Florida Avenue to S. Lipan Street.
  • S. Jason Street remains open for business, but closed to through traffic.
  • S. Huron and S. Inca Streets are open for business, and northbound traffic only.

The timing of traffic lights at S. Platte River Drive and W. Florida Ave has been adjusted to more efficiently move traffic through the construction zone.

W. Arkansas Avenue and S. Lipan Street Traffic and Trail Alerts

  • S. Lipan Street at W. Arkansas Avenue is open.
  • W. Arkansas Avenue will remain closed between S. Mariposa Street and S. Lipan Street for the duration of the project.
  • Sanderson Gulch Park trails adjacent to the construction site are closed. Please observe ‘Trail Closed’ signs.

Extended Work Hours: Crews will be working and equipment operational Monday through Saturday from 6am to 10pm. Noise level monitoring will be in effect.

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