Communications Committee

I. Facebook moderation

  • Maintain knowledge of acceptance practices into the Facebook group and makes changes as necessary.
  • Lock posts, remove inappropriate posts, contact users for violations, and remove users as appropriate.

II. Post APNA events on Facebook

  • Create and share events for meetings, movies, picnics, and other APNA events.

III. Distribute information regarding events, meetings, zoning, planning, etc. from the city to resident through social media and e-mail

  • Post information to Facebook.

IV. Website management and event posting on website

  • Update basic content, meeting times, and events.

V. Electronic Newsletters and email list subscription management

  • Email list subscriptions management.

VI. Printed and electronic newsletter composition and distribution

Grant Committee Scope of Work

I. Screen various list serves for grant opportunities relevant for APNA and share with relevant members

  • Maintain knowledge of websites and listservs that advertise grants.
  • Attend General Information Sessions/Webinars on new grants.

II. Write and submit letters of intent (LOIs), concept notes, proposals, etc

  • Maintain records and documents needed to submit grants (narratives, agency budget, etc.)
  • Collaborate with committee members to write strong grants.
  • Collaborate with partner agencies, neighborhoods, and city department to strengthen grant proposals.

III. Log grants prospected, submitted (and won and lost) to APNA’s Salesforce instance

IV. Save relevant documents to Google Drive’s Team Drive Grants

V. Coordinate with project manager of grants won to ensure files are organized and deliverables met

Zoning and Planning Committee

I. Build a comprehensive understanding of zoning laws in our neighborhood

  • Research zoning rules for Athmar Park and save reference materials in shared drives.

II. Determine, with community input, areas of concern in zoning

  • Considering similar neighborhoods in Denver that have experience heavy development and negative changes to the character of the neighborhood – investigate zoning changes that APNA can support to allow for development without change the neighborhood.

III. Neighborhood Plan

  • Attend Neighborhood Planning Initiative for the West Denver Planning Group.
  • Begin process of neighborhood planning in Athmar Park.
  • Present information to neighborhood on our current situation and zoning rules and solicit feedback.
  • Begin documenting community interests and develop proposals for neighborhood planning.

Nominating/Elections Committee

Section 8-2. Nominating Committee: The Board shall appoint a nominating committee of three members. The duties of the committee shall include:

1.     Accept nominations to serve on the Board.

2.    Contact and explain the duties of the office to each nominee, and make a ballot of those who accept.

3.    In the absence of a nominee for a position, the nominating committee shall make a nomination.

4.    Report the list of nominees to the Board and general membership.

5.    This list shall, and a short biographical sketch may, be provided to the APNA newsletter area.

I. Recruit new potential board members

  • Develop flyer and marketing materials.
  • Actively recruit at neighborhood events and meetings.
  • Advertise on social media and in newsletter.
  • Recruit at schools and churches.