In 2017, 11 people died in crashes along Federal, including 7 pedestrians. The rate of fatalities on Federal was 20 times higher than the urban rate on Colorado roadways.

To expedite safety improvements, CCD is coordinating closely with partners, convening the One Federal Boulevard task force, which includes members from DPW, CDOT and DPD.

Denver has committed to taking immediate action:

  • DPD has increased traffic enforcement, pedestrian education, and the use of variable message boards (2,000 citations issued on Federal since April, many of them for motorists exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or more).
  • Testing new crash analysis technology at 10th, Howard and Holden, then implementing pedestrian signal improvements at these intersections.
  • Additional pedestrian and safety upgrades at Howard and Kentucky.

Signal Improvements

  • Signal reconstruction at 38th Ave, Exposition, Kentucky, Mississippi and Jewell.
  • Enhancements at 10 intersections between Virginia and Jewell, adjusting signal timing to activate the pedestrian signal every cycle. At five of these intersections there are new pedestrian countdown indicators (where there currently are none). At seven of the intersections, the city has installed a pedestrian head start.

Roadway Reconstruction

  • W 7th Ave to W Holden Place, including sidewalks, median, and repaving.
  • W 5th Ave to W 7th Ave and W Holden Place to W Howard Place: lane restriping.


  • CCD is working with CDOT to make additional enhancements in conjunction with a scheduled repaving project. We are also working with CDOT to upgrade lighting from high-pressure sodium to LED, and Xcel is performing a lighting audit of the entire corridor to help us identify and replace burned-out bulbs.

South Federal Green Boulevard

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