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General Resources and Links

The Good Neighbor Guide contains valuable Who-Do-I-Call? information on one page regarding common code violations.

The Landlord Manual provides a way for neighborhood organizations to foster positive relationships with landlords who lease residential units in the neighborhood. Neighborhood organizations can initiate contact with landlords with a manual that puts varied and valuable information together. (Developed by the Denver Police Department.)

For Denver City services not listed below, call 311.

  • Free graffiti removal request
  • Code enforcement request (for property maintenance or zoning issues)
  • Building Inspections: 720-865-2505
  • Building Permit Verification: 720-865-2790
  • Building Permit Issuance: 720-865-3000
  • City of Denver Website
  • City Council Website
  • Dangerous Sidewalks: 303-446-3656
  • Denver Area Youth Services: 303-727-8797 (low cost yard work, clean-up, demolition, rehab., painting)
  • Denver Mediation Center: 303-697-8515 (no-cost mediation service to assist in finding remedies to problems between neighbors or between neighbors & businesses)
  • Denver Public Schools Security: 303-764-3911
  • Drug Hotline: 720-913-3784
  • Report Offenses Online (car break-in, vandalism, lost/stolen property, gas no-pay/drive-off, theft; not by force or break-in)
  • Street Light Repair:1-800-895-4999, #4
  • Street Sweeping Reminder (so you won’t get a parking ticket)
  • Wastewater Hotline: 303-446-3700, #1
  • Noise & Fumes; Environmental Health: 720-865-5452

For information about specific vendors recommended by the Athmar Park Neighborhood Association visit our referral list.

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